Family Dentistry in Charlotte, NC

At Shopton Dental, we understand that each family member has unique needs. That’s why we provide comprehensive family dentistry services in Charlotte, NC, ensuring comfortable and painless dental care for all. From children to senior adults, Dr. K and Dr. Setty offer individual attention to each family member and create personalized treatments to maintain their beautiful smile.

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    The Significance of Having a Family Dentist

    Going to the dentist can be a nerve-racking experience for many, especially for younger children. That’s why most parents prefer going to a family dentist, where all family members can get complete dental care at the same facility. It is convenient, comfortable and also helps children feel at ease during their dental visits.

    Additionally, having a family dentist can ensure many benefits that go beyond sporting a vibrant smile. At our Charlotte, NC, facility, our goal is to offer comprehensive family dentistry that covers the oral care needs of each family member.

    Whether you are a working parent or have school-going children, we understand that it can be difficult to make time for dental visits. Our family dental care allows you to have a one-stop solution for all your family members instead of having to schedule different appointments at different places.

    Family Dentistry

    Routine Dental Checkups For The Whole Family

    According to the American Dental Association (ADA), children and adults should visit the dentist at least twice a year to maintain their oral health at its best. As a part of family dentistry in Charlotte, NC, our team offers biannual dental checkups to ensure that the precious smiles of your family members remain radiant and healthy.

    During these visits, our dentist will thoroughly examine your oral cavity. We will identify possible risk factors such as cavities or gum disease and address them at an early stage. This way, we can help you prevent many dental issues and maintain optimum oral health in the long run.

    Enjoy Personalized Family Dentistry In Charlotte, NC

    It is always important to have a reliable dentist with whom you and your family feel comfortable. When you visit our family dental practice, you will find that our dentist will take time to get to know each of your loved ones and tailor the treatments to fulfill their individual needs.

    We will also keep a record of your dental history, so that the next time you or your family member visits us, we will promptly provide them with the care they deserve. Our dentist will customize the treatment plans, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction at every step of the procedure.

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    Experience compassionate dental care with our family dentistry services in Charlotte, NC. You can call us today at (704) 444-0772 to book an appointment with our family dentist.

    We Have Over 100+ 5-Star Reviews on Google

    So far so good! I have had two appointments here so far. The office is super clean & well put together. All the staff is super kind and caring. The dentist took time explaining everything to me & so did the office people. I definitely plan to continue coming back for my routine cleanings & a couple more fillings.

    Jennifer Hudson

    They did really good job. Definitely recommended. I didn’t have to wait much and everything was on time. Even I had some additional work to be done and they adjusted it during the same visit and saved my time for another visit.

    Swapnil Srivastava

    I got a second opinion from Shopton Dental because my dental work did not feel right from another place. Dr. Koppuravuri (Dr K) did indeed find that there were issues and was able to fix them. Dr. K was super kind and professional, as well as his staff. All were very accommodating to the point of going the extra mile and were respectful.

    Catherine Dicus

    Dr. K is amazing! 🤩 He is very kind and doesn’t do unnecessary procedures just to make money. He seems to genuinely care for his patients. I would definitely recommend Shopton Dental.…!

    Sarah Durante

    My experience with this dental clinic is fantastic, the engineer is the best I have ever met 👌 and the main doctor is the best, he gave me 3 extractions in the same day and I never felt pain or swelling or mouth 👌 the best in Charlotte.

    Leury R Diaz

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